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Observer programme

Here you can find all information about Observer Programme from the EYOWF2011 in Liberec in pdf files.


Observer Programme Presentations by OC members:
1st day
2nd day
NOC by Jan Hrdina (ČOV)
3rd day

Photogallery for OBPR


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2/ through a web browser with ftp link:


login: media
password: Eyowf2011



The best way how to get these pictures, is to download them to your PC and open it from your local disc drive. Just click by right button on a zip file you want to download and choose "save target". 


The Organising Committee of EYOWF 2011 in Liberec realises the importance of sharing and passing knowledge and information from organiser to organiser of sports events. For this reason, it has been decided to offer an Observer Programme - a self-contained seminar for anyone interested in learning about the preparations and organisation of EYOWF 2011 in Liberec through presentations and visits to the venues.
The EYOWF 2011 Observer Programme will be held in Liberec during EYOWF 2011 from Tuesday 15th to Thursday 17th February 2011.


The registration form can be found

Please complete the registration form NO LATER than 7th January 2011. Only fully filled registration forms can be considered as valid for registering participants for the EYOWF 2011 Observer Programme.

Cost of the Programme

The participation fee for the whole Observer Programme is 180€ / person.

The price includes:
  • The Programme content and guide services during the Programme
  • Printed and electronic documents
  • Accreditation for the duration of the entire EYOWF 2011
  • Transportation from Prague Ruzyne Airport to Liberec and back
  • Shuttle bus transportation during the Programme to and from the designated hotel and use of the official shuttle services throughout the Festival
  • Meals provided in the Programme (Closing dinner in a restaurant with two drinks, one lunch in the Olympic Village)*

[*] Observers can buy a meal voucher à10 EUR per meal to the dining hall in the Olympic Village

Participants in the Observer Programme can take part in the Opening and Closing ceremonies of the Festival free of charge.

An invoice for the participation fee will be sent to the billing address at the beginning of January 2011.

You are asked to pay the Programme fee NO LATER than 28th January 2011.


The designated hotel for participants in the EYOWF 2011 Observer Programme is the Hotel**** Babylon Liberec.

The Babylon Hotel is a four-star hotel located only a 10min walk from the city centre. Hotel Babylon is a comfortable place to stay with varied recreational activities included in the price. More information is available about the hotel at:

Hotel Babylon price list:

Room type
Current price
in CZK per room per night
Current price
in EUR per room per night*
1 L – single room 2190 86
2 L – double bed room / Twin 3290
3 L – three bed room 4290
4 L – bunk beds 4590
4 L – 2 rooms 4990
*Prices in Euros are only informative (depends on the current exchange rate).

The price includes:
  • A buffet breakfast
  • Free entrance to the AQUA PARK
  • Free entrance to the WELLNESS Centre
  • Free entrance to the AMUSEMENT PARK and iQ PARK throughout the stay

You can book a room by email at rezervace@centrumbabylon.cz or phone +420 485 249 597. This offer and number of pre-booked rooms are valid until 15th January 2011, so it is advisable to book the accommodation in advance.

In order to process your request properly it is very important that you inform the Hotel**** Babylon Liberec that you are going to attend EYOWF 2011. Please use our reference code OBPR2011.

For those who wish to stay in another hotel, please contact the official partner of EYOWF 2011 Organising Committee - TOURIST SERVICE centre, which will find accommodation directly in Liberec or in close vicinity according to personal needs and requirements. In order to process your request properly please use our reference code OBPR2011.

Tourist Service
Phone: +420 485 249 202
E-mail: touristservice@centrumbabylon.cz

Please note that the shuttle service for Observers will depart/arrive only from/to Hotel Babylon.

For those who wish to stay in Liberec longer than the duration of the Observer Programme or would like to come before the Programme, you are welcome to do so.


Organiser will provide transportation from Ruzyne Airport (Prague) to Liberec and back as well as the special transport during the Observer Programme.

In addition, all Observers will be entitled to use the official shuttle bus service during the entire Festival and public transport In Liberec and Jablonec nad Nisou free of charge.

Visa Requirements

The Czech Republic has a visa-free policy with most countries. However, citizens of certain countries are required to have a valid visa when entering the Czech Republic. In case you are a citizen of a country where a visa is required, please make sure you obtain a valid visa in advance. If necessary, the EYOWF 2011 Organising Committee will issue an official invitation.

List of States where a visa is required


Preliminary Programme itinerary
Day 1 - Tuesday 15th February 2011
Seminars I. + Questions and Answers
Observers lunch in the Olympic Village
Venue tour I.
Medal Ceremony
Day 2 - Wednesday 16th February 2011
Seminars II. + Questions and Answers
Lunch break
Venue tour II.
Observers dinner
Day 3 - Thursday 17th February 2011
Venue tour III.
Lunch break
Closing of the Observer Programme
Transport to the hotel

Cancellation of the Programme

The Organiser of the EYOWF 2011 Observer Programme reserves the right to cancel the Observer Programme in case the minimum Programme capacity is not reached. All participants will be informed about such steps no later than 5th January 2011.

Contact person

Jan Kubeš
Observer Programme Manager
Email: jan.kubes@eyowf2011.cz
Tel.: + 420 777 011 125

Weather service


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