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Basic information

Dear potential volunteers,

EYOWF 2011, in similar fashion as with other major sporting events, could not be organised without the help of volunteers. At present, not only is recruitment in full swing, but at the same time the programme is being prepared which should ensure successful performance on the part of volunteers during the Festival. Our aim is to build a team of people enthusiastic about taking part in public affairs and contributing personally to the success of this extremely sporting and social event. We are aware of the fact that it is not possible to organise an event of this size and importance without a perfectly functioning team of volunteers. All large sport events organisations are built on volunteer work.

High-quality performance of the tasks and jobs the volunteers will be gradually trained in is particularly important for us, along with a quality working atmosphere, team spirit, making friends and sharing the joys of cooperation. For this reason, a complete training programme has been set up in order to educate EYOWF TEAM members in areas of cooperation, allow them to make the acquaintance of the organising team, as well as providing participants with the opportunity to get to know each other at meetings of a various nature.The seven days of EYOWF 2011 thus can turn into a real experience, a celebration and a festival not only of sports, but of friendship and mutually shared exceptional experience.

Age, sex, race, nor religion limits anyone to become a member of the volunteer team. The crucial feature is the will and effort to help achieve a common goal, honesty when fulfilling the function of a volunteer, and the ability to help, give advice, or sometimes just to give someone a smile.

If interested in taking part in the preparations and organisation of the event as a member of the EYOWF TEAM, please read the “Become one of us” section, where you can find full information, as well as the volunteer’s entry form. If you have any questions please contact vanda.sulcova@eyowf2011.cz or call   +420 484 840 236.


Anybody can become a volunteer

All human beings have an inborn ability to freely and selflessly offer their knowledge, time and effort, and work as volunteers in the pursuit of both a public interest and for the advantage of other people and their surroundings. Virtually everyone is capable of something like that. The only difference is in the form and extent in which we are willing to do so. New friendships, knowledge, experience, and the realisation of your own and other people’s values become the real reward for the work you have done. Volunteer work brings benefit both to the person/s for which it is carried out and for the volunteer him/herself. Volunteer activities strengthen trust and mutual cooperation; when abroad, they support cultural learning. They are the fundamental feature of civic society, strengthening cultural identity, crossing the borders of states and languages, age and social groups, and the borders of our inner world.

Source: inexsda.cz



  • are ordinary people with a developed sense of the needs of their environment
  • are primarily interested in volunteering for moral reasons (a need to help)
  • believe that they can change certain things
  • are determined to take this simple but important step to join in an activity insufficiently covered by human resources
  • do not hesitate to sacrifice their spare time and energy for others


Goodness includes all the other virtues.

- Hugo -

Pleasure from good deeds lies in the very doing so.
No good is pleasant unless you share it with someone.

- Seneca the Younger -


Areas of cooperation at EYOWF 2011

You can work in the following sections with the EYOWF TEAM:

Registering festival participants, working with computers, communicating with participants, providing information, administrative work, providing accreditation.
Requirements: good command of English (good knowledge of other languages welcomed), communication skills, working with computers.
Assisting with accommodation, supervising and assistance in the accommodation facilities for the festival participants (hotels, dormitories, etc.).
Requirements: command of English or German, good communication skills, knowledge of the surroundings
Constant assistance for teams and V.I.P. – providing information, arranging possible requirements from the teams and V.I.P., communicating with members of the Organising Committee
Requirements: good command of foreign languages, good communication skills, familiarity with Liberec, polite manners, full commitment
Assisting in preparation, catering (serving drinks, distributing packages), replenishing supplies, maintenance and tidying of dining facilities.
Requirements: experience with catering welcome
Communication & media
Administrative work, public relations, external communication, work in press centres.
Requirements: communication skills, good command of spoken and written Czech, command of foreign languages and experience in media communications welcome.
Supervising and maintaining the tidiness of the venues, terrain work.
Requirements: knowledge of the surroundings, independence and responsibility, thoroughness on the job in order to maintain the good name in the international field.
Installing and setting up information technology at designated places at the venues, running them, maintenance and inspection.
Requirements: basic knowledge of PC networks, command of Windows XP and Vista, hardware skills, setting up a PC with a Windows operating system.
Medical staff for medical security at the venues, providing emergency medical care, medical watch among the spectators, group for anti-doping checking.
Requirements: medical education, preciseness and responsibility when on the job, command of foreign languages (English, German) for the anti-doping necessary.
OC offices
Helping with general organisation, administrative and organising tasks, communication with participants, obtaining and providing information.
Requirements: communication skills, working on computers.
Festival promotion, handing out leaflets and advertisements, information centres, decorating the official halls of the festival.
Requirements: knowledge of the promotion spots and the programme, being informed up-to-date, language skills
Keeping security in the sector and zones of the venues, handing over substantial information to the RIDICI STREDISKO (Management Centre)
Requirements: good communication skills, thoughtfulness and precision in the job, working on computers.
Installing and removing advertising materials, servicing and cleaning, navigation maintenance and information system.
Requirements: self-reliance, familiarity with the environment, technical skills
General cooperation with the organisers in each of the disciplines, running the races, supervising the races.
Requirements: responsibility, knowledge of the environment
Sport – race office
Administrative work in connection with races, providing information in the Olympic village, start list administration, results management
Requirements: experience with organising sport competitions, administrative skills
Sport – venues
Coordinating equipment and technology transport in the venues, track preparation, building fences, general maintenance, supervising the races
Requirements: manual skills, technical skills, language command (English, German) welcomed, team spirit
Social programme & ceremonies
Assisting in ceremonies and other events, installing and transporting materials, accompanying performers at the venues, hostesses.
Requirements: knowledge of the environment and the programme, manual skills, polite manners
Coordinating and navigating vehicles on the parking places and access roads, team transportation, providing traffic information.
Requirements: organising skills, driving skills, knowledge of the environment.
Coordinating volunteers, providing information and communicating with EYOWF TEAM members, providing background for the members, administrative work.
Requirements: good communication and organising skills, command of English welcomed, working with computers, self-reliance.

Weather service


Did you enjoy the EYOWF 2011 in the Liberec Region?