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Sunday, 13th February 2011 from 19:30, Tipsport arena, Liberec

The grand opening of the European Youth Winter Olympic Festival evolves on three thematic levels: the heart (the Czech Republic – the heart of Europe, a symbol of love, a vital human organ), what did the Czechs give to the world – the future. The programme is hosted by a robot and two presenters Marcela Augustová and Libor Bouček. 

There is a Flag Parade of all 49 sporting delegations led by the flag-bearers. The lighting of the Olympic Flame is carried out by the Faces of the Festival Petra Hynčicová and Josef Mikyska along with acrobats. The sculpture which forms the cauldron was designed and created by the Czech artist Iva Ouhrabková and is called Termitarium.  The ceremony includes performances by Aries, acrobats from Art Prometheus, Severáček choir and others. At the end of the ceremony, as part of the follow-up concert, the band Eddie Stoilow performs the official song of the Festival "Hey You".

The ceremony concludes with fireworks. The estimated ending is at 21:30. The grand Opening Ceremony is attended by several notable guests led by Jacques Rogge, President of the International Olympic Committee. A gala reception in Restaurant Coloseum in the Tipsport Arena for invited guests of EYOWF 2011 commences at 21:00.

14th to 18th February 2011

Flower Ceremonies will take place immediately after each race in the venue. The three best athletes in each category are announced.

14th to 17th February 2011 from 19:00, the Olympic Village in Harcov, Liberec

During the Medal Ceremonies, the three best athletes in each category are announced.
There are fireworks to honour the winners. Afterwards, the accompanying programme begins in the form of concerts by Czech bands and DJs. The estimated ending of the programme is at 22:00.

All winners leave a golden imprint of their left hand on a special plate which hangs at the Medal Plaza. Apart from the precious medals, all the winners also receive a glass vase from the organisers.

Friday, 18th February 2011 at 19:00, Tipsport arena, Liberec

The Closing Ceremony is preceded by the final match of the Ice Hockey tournament starting at 12:00, after which the medals will be awarded. The awarding of the best athletes from the previous day is part of the Closing Ceremony as well. There will possibly be a Fair Play Prize award.

At the end of the Ceremony, the organisers hand over the EOC flag to the organisers of EYOWF 2013 in Brasov. After the Closing Ceremony there will be a Farewell party with a DJ and a light show on the floor for all delegations, athletes, organisers and volunteers. The estimated ending is at 23:00.



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