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Dozens of Volunteers Meet in Vesec
Wednesday June 24 2009 09:10 AM
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On Friday, June 19th, the Vesec venue in Liberec was witness to the first meeting of the EYOWF TEAM, which will take part in the organisation of the 10th EYOWF 2011 as well as additional events. Representatives of the Organising Committee prepared a relaxed session for the future volunteers, referees and sport fans with the aim of getting to know one other and initiating future cooperation.

Apart from the presentation of the events and projects in preparation, there was also a fun programme in the form of an “office pentathlon”, which put the abilities and team spirit of the five-member teams to a test. All the participants enjoyed themselves and competed for unexpected prizes. Vanda Šulcová, the EYOWF 2011 volunteer coordinator, commented on the event: “Because this was our very first and rather unofficial meeting, the atmosphere was quite relaxed. We grilled some meat, for example. Although there was little support from the summer weather, this fact did not spoil the fun we had with the participants.

Among them were not only newcomers, but also referees from sports clubs who had already taken part in similar sport events. After the meeting, Ivo Gréger, the EYOWF 2011 Sports Director, stated the following: “We are glad to see some new faces here as well as the faces of those from previous events. It is a great opportunity for them to pass their knowledge and experience to younger generation. We would like to attract as many young people in the preparation and organisation teams as possible and this day demonstrated that the younger generation want to take part in such events. We have prepared specially designed programmes for them through which they can hold various positions, from a traffic attaché to technical support to referees in particular disciplines.

The meeting in Vesec involved more than 60 people. Many times more participants, however, are expected at the next EYOWF TEAM information meeting prior to the start of the 2009/2010 season in November of this year.

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