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Swiss-Italian triumph
Tuesday February 15 2011 09:09 PM
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The first Snowboarding discipline at the Kořenov-Rejdice venue ended with a great, rather unexpected Swiss-Italian triumph. This afternoon the gold medals in Snowboardcross went to Swiss, Caroline Weibel and Italian, Matteo Menconi. The Czechs were delighted with Ester Ledecká, the daughter of the pop singer, Janek Ladecký, who won the small finals, finishing fifth in the end.

Crying “Oh my god, oh my god!” the very young Swiss snowboarder, Caroline Weibel was overjoyed at the finish of the four-member finals at the sunlit Rejdice venue. In the time qualification competition of 29 athletes she finished ninth and then easily passed through the four-member elimination quarterfinal and semi-final rides.

Still, she was not the most certain front-runner with a black vest and the number six on her chest. “Did I believe I would win? I hope for it every time I race. It’s the best way of motivating myself to win,” said the congenial Caroline, laughing after her teammates merrily pushed her into the snow and wrapped her in the Swiss flag with the Greek cross. “What am I thinking of now? The big Olympics! The games in 2014 in Sochi,” the athlete from Luzern was glowing after her EYOWF triumph.

Shortly before that, the fifteen-year old Czech athlete, Ester Ledecká celebrated her victory in the small finals. She finished 38th in the Giant Slalom on Ještěd on Monday and today she was 5th in Rejdice. She also had the fifth fastest time in the morning qualification. "It is a big step forward compared to Monday and I am satisfied. I did not expect to win the small finals; Snowboard Cross is not my favourite discipline. I was probably nominated because of my results last year at the Games of the Olympic Days for Youth and Children," said the plaited Ester, breathing heavily. "I do not regret that I did not make it to the big finals, this is a success for me," said Ledecká, despite the fact that she defeated the later French winner Bernard in the quarter-finals.

In fifteen minutes the Italians stormed to the finishing line in the first two places. The lucky one was Matteo Menconi. Maurizio Bormolini came in second. Menconi, the black-haired "little devil" from Venetia, finished seventh in qualification feared speaking English. Eventually he did speak at the flash interview. "Making it to the finals was a great success for me, it was very difficult and the victory is a bonus. I am thrilled!"


Interview - Caroline Weibel - SUI

How do you feel after the race?
"I can´t belive it! So it´s amazing!"
Did you have a fear from your competitors?
"No, not fear, but respect. There are the best riders from all Europe and I said: „ Oh, my god!“, when I saw them."
How will you celebrate this success?  
"I will sleep for a long time and on Friday in the evening we will celebrate with a swiss team and with all people with medals."


Interview - Matteo Menconi - ITA

How do you feel after the race?
"I can´t belive it!"
Did you have a fear from your competitors?
"No, never!"
What would you say about the track? Do you like it?
"Yes, beginning is fine, but behind the hill it could be more comfortable. Generally, track is ok."



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