12. - 19. 2. 2011

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Biathlon in the EYOWF 2011 Competition Programme


Sprint 7,5 km

Individual race 12,5 km
Sprint 6 km
Individual race 10 km
Boys & Girls Mixed relay 2 x 7,5 km boys+ 2 x 6 km girls


Detailed Biathlon programme here.


For Invitation and Official Programme of Biathlon click here.





Just like most sports connected to skis, Biathlon comes from Norway. Though it originated in the second half of the 19th century, it did not gain popularity as easily and quickly as the classic disciplines.

As a discipline, Biathlon was part of the first Olympic Games programme in 1924, taking the form of army watch (groups). As a separate discipline and fully accredited sport, it had its Olympic premiere in Squaw Valley (USA) in 1960.


Biathlon is basically cross country skiing enriched with rifle shooting. During the race, the skiers shoot two or four rounds at a 50m distance; when shooting in the standing position, the target has 11.5 cm in diameter; when in prone position the target has 4.5 cm in diameter. During each shooting round, the skier shoots five times – they are penalised for missing a target, according to the race type. The individual (long-distance) race has a minute penalisation (adding one minute to the total time for each missed shot); when missing the target in a relay race, the skier can recharge up to three times. With other race types, the skier has to do an additional 150m penalty loop for each missed shot. Biathlon only uses the free technique. 




Individual, distance race


At Individual race the cross country part for men is five rounds, i.e. 20km, for women 15km; there are four shooting rounds (two in the standing position and two in prone position). Each missed shot adds 1 minute to the cross country time; the skier with the best time wins.




Sprint is actually a half individual race; it also has the interval start, usually after 30 seconds. Compared to a distance race, both men and women run half the distance (10 or 7.5 km), which includes two shooting rounds (one in the standing position and one in prone position). Yet instead of the minute penalisation a 150m loop is added for a missed shot. Instead of the minute penalisation a 150m penalty loop is added.




Pursuit usually follows after the sprint race. The winner form the first race starts as first, followed by other skiers according to time losses from on their sprint results. The cross country part is 12.5 km (men) and 10km (women) long, including four shooting rounds. If the skier misses the target, he/she is added a 150m penalty loop. The first skier to make it to the finish is the winner.

Interesting numbers
Biathlon World Championship is held every year – as opposed to the World Championships in Nordic skiing (cross country, jumping, Nordic Combined), which is held every two years.
250 is the distance at which the skiers were originally shooting in Biathlon races.

is the year when the women Biathlon was first included in the Winter Olympic Games programme in French Albertville.

Mass start 


Mass start is the race where all athletes start at the same moment. For technical and safety reasons, the number of athletes is limited to 30: the best skiers according to the world chart. The race is 15 km (men) and 12.5 km (women) long, including four shooting rounds. The race is basically a copy of the pursuit race, but for the mass start.


Relay races


Relay race includes four skiers, each of whom has to run 7,5 km (men) or 6 km (women), including two shooting rounds. Here too, for a missed shot a 150m penalty loop is added. Yet, in relay races, the skiers may first use three extra bullets available for each shooting round. The extra bullets must be single-loaded manually one at a time (they must not be inserted all at once). The team, whose last – fourth - skier first makes it to the finish, wins.
Mixed relay races – are similar to relay races, but in one team, two women start first, two men afterwards. The track is 6 km for women, 7,5 km for men; each contestant goes through two shooting rounds. The team, whose last – fourth - skier first makes it to the finish, wins.

Biathlon competitions will be held in the sports venue Břízky, which is in Jablonec nad Nisou, approximately 10 kilometres from Liberec.The venue comprises not only of a biathlon stadium but also another one for Cross Country Skiing.The local clubs are based here.


The biathlon stadium features a shooting range, judge tower, and computer technology, facilities for the organisers and athletes.Cross country race courses lead along the shooting range and can be adjusted according to the organisers’ wishes depending on the difficulty and type of the particular race.
The shooting range has 26 shooting stands and it is possible to cover the entire venue with artificial snow in the event of a lack of snow. The sports venue Břízky complies with the parameters required for holding top local contests and also international competitions.
Cross Country Venue
Directly next to the biathlon venue there is also a cross country venue.Besides a great number of variants of race courses there are also facilities for athletes as well as for the organisers available here.Furthermore, both venues can be linked with the cross country courses.
Events held here:
Summer Biathlon World Championship 2002
Biathlon International Competitions
Biathlon European Cup
Biathlon National Championship
Games of the IV. Olympic Days for Children and Youth of the Czech Republic
Czech Cup races in biathlon and summer biathlon

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