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The winner wants another gold
Tuesday February 15 2011 05:01 PM
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The boys’ Giant Slalom on the Pod Lany run was dominated by the Norwegian athlete Henrik Kristoffersen, who had to fight off fierce competition as a record number of 101 Alpine skiers from 44 countries of Europe took part in the race in ideal sunny conditions.

Already in the first round we are left with no room for doubt as to the front-runners. The greatest of them, Henrik Kristoffersen, fulfilled the paper expectations with his fastest ride, securing himself the most advantageous starting position for the second round.

Even though the Czech athletes fought, they didn't fight hard enough to reach the elite first thirty. The best of them, Daniel Paulus, finished in 37th position. In the end, he came 34th and was the best of the Czech representatives. "I made too many mistakes, but I couldn't do any better. Although the track was not in good condition and the gates were repositioned, I still managed. This is the first time I competed here. We had several practice sessions here before, but unfortunately I was much better then," said Paulus.

The second round started traditionally with the order of the best thirty from the first round reversed. Ustus Kuukka set off on the track as the tenth best from the first race. His final ride was the fastest of all the competitors and brought this young Finnish guy a bronze medal. "I think it's great. I didn't do well in the first round, but the second was perfect. It means a lot to me."

The first to beat the time of the Finn was the penultimate man on the startline - the Italian Emanuele Buzzi. The last athlete at the start was the winner from the first round, Kristoffersen and he made it clear to everyone that he is the best, and with a confident run collected the gold. “It is a wonderful feeling. I have won some races before, but this is something extraordinary. I did the best I could; I put in a total effort and showed everyone what I have to offer. I hope to keep on with the good results and make my mark on the World Cup. I also have hopes for the gold medal in slalom on Thursday here at EYOWF.” 

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