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First pirouettes
Monday February 14 2011 03:01 PM
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The figure Skating Competition was launched with the girls' short programme. Thirty young figure skaters from thirty countries presented themselves on the ice. Some of the performances left the spectators speechless.

The audience was enchanted from the very beginning. Firstly, the spectators admired their beautiful costumes and secondly, the figures and jumps they were performing. Accompanied by slow and fast rhythms and bright and serious melodies, the girls skated across the ice surface. The short programme mustn’t be longer than 2 minutes and 50 seconds and the figure skaters used the time to the last second.

To liven up their show, some girls also performed a few dance moves. Although all the performances were very impressive, with some figure skaters you could detect some minor hesitation and there were also some falls. 

The young Russian, Polina Agafonova made the biggest impression on the jury. Thanks to her dynamic display filled with energy, she achieved the highest score and placed first for the time being. Besides, Russians are among the elite of this sport, which they also proved in previous years of the Winter Olympic European Youth Festival. The final results will be available after the free programme, which is on the agenda on Wednesday.


Interview with Polina Agafonova, 1st after short programme

Were you afraid of other competitors? Who particulary?
Irra Vannut is really good skater, she beat me in competitions in Germany. I think we are on the same performance level.

Are you satisfied with the position you achieved?
Yes, I am.

What are your chances in free programme?
If my performance will be good, I could be on the first place.

How do you feel after the short programme?
I feel very good, I am in great mood.


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re: Dívky zahájily závody v krasobruslení - krátký program

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