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Czech proof of sporting Europe
Sunday February 20 2011 08:04 PM
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Dozens of meetings, travelling to venues, hundreds of handshakes, thousands of sentences. This was the daily routine over the past week of the President of the Organising Committee, Roman Kumpošt. Despite increasing tiredness, he has been overseeing the organising team and has been sensitive to the reactions of spectators and participants.

As the Festival went on the fatigue increased. On the other hand, that was outweighed by the good feeling that the organisation had worked very well and the responses during the course of the Festival were good. This gave me a lot of energy.

What is your reaction to the European Youth Olympics 2011 that have just finished?

I think we have provided the participants with competition on a high level. As far as the sporting part is concerned, it has proved that the performance level of European sport is on the rise. Unfortunately, despite the two gold medals, Czech sport is falling behind signifi cantly. We should learn a lesson and it is up to each of the sport unions to improve their work with the juniors.

What impressed you most during the Festival?
It must be the teamwork of our Organising Committee, where people really helped each other. In each discipline it must be the remarkable performances of all the medallists – the winners in particular have come close to the elite senior level. There was a marvellous atmosphere in the Olympic Village, with an incredible multicultural and mutli-sport climate.

Many foreign guests will confirm that this organising team would be able to put together even more important events – the Universiade or Winter Olympics. Do you agree?
The Liberec Region offers unique opportunities for hosting major sporting events. However, it will be primarily up to the political representatives if they decide to support other sporting competitions. I have been to many signifi cant sporting events and I can assure you that we have a world-class organising team. I am very proud of them. However, their activities will finish with the conclusion of the EYOWF 2011.

The European Youth Olympics 2011 should also have redeemed the reputation of the Czech Republic as a country that can host a problem-free sporting event. Did it succeed?
Yes, we have fulfilled this goal. The financial management is not closed yet, but there will be a balanced budget. We have given clear evidence that we can organise a notable sporting event without wasting money and without any negative economic effects.

What is the importance of the fact that the Liberec Region hosted the EYOWF 2011?
First of all, the Czech Republic has proved to Europe that we are able to organise an important event to a world-class standard. This opinion was confi med by the highest authorities of the world and European Olympic movements. The participants knew the sporting qualities of their opponents and made new friends. I also strongly believe that young people discovered the beauty of sport in the Liberec Region and in our country, and found the motivation to continue participating in sport.



re: Český důkaz sportovní Evropě

2/21/2011 10:29:02 AM Václav

Několikrát jsem byl "nassát atmosféru" na sportovištích ve Vesci a Ještědu. Mohu potvrdit, byla skvělá. Gratuluji celému organizačnímu týmu a vlastně všem zůčastněným aktérům. Těm s "kýženënou" medailí i těm bez ní.  Sportovní duch byl nádherný.

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