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Facts, records and trivia
Thursday February 24 2011 10:55 AM
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We have chosen this information from the starting line-ups and results, from note books and from what was seen at the venues:

The youngest participant: the Figure Skater Marta Grigoryan from Armenia, date of birth 28th June 1996.

The oldest participants: the Cross Country Skier Katya Galstyan from Armenia, who celebrated her 18th birthday on the 1st of January.

The most successful athlete: the Biathlete Laura Dahlmeier from Germany, holder of three gold medals.

The most numerous delegation:
Russia with 98 members.

The smallest delegations:
Albania, Moldavia and Monaco, each with three members.

The most unfortunate:
the Alpine Skier Barios Gros Gabriel from Andorra, who suffered serious injuries in training and had to spend the whole Festival in the Liberec hospital.

The most sportsmanlike deed: the Alpine Skier Miha Hrobat from Slovenia, who informed the jury about his not passing through one of the gates properly.

The most disappointed athlete: the Czech Ice Hockey player Josef Mikyska, who injured his groin during the last training session and could not take part in the Festival or carry the Olympic Torch during the Opening Ceremony.

The largest audience: 4.500 spectators at the Opening Ceremony on 13th February.

The most tasteful delegation: the most popular were the orange Dutch, followed by Ukraine and Sweden.

The most sweet-toothed athletes: The 27 recipients of a birthday cake during the EYOWF 2011.

The most popular guest: Rampich the Icicle, the official mascot, who appeared in three cloned versions throughout the event, at the venues, in the streets and in the Olympic Village.

The most read paper:
the daily Czech-English newspaper COOL News with a total 21 000 prints.

The most ridiculous excuse:  the Czech Nordic Combined skier Ondřej Kelnar explained that his fall was caused by a sudden gust of wind on the track.

The most hidden visitor: the former Figure Skating star Katarina Witt, who, despite hiding from the media, gave one single interview to the COOL News reporter.

The most upset coach: the head of Slovakian Alpine Skiers Martin Chorogwicki, when his team did not make it to the team finals after they had been disqualified following a protest by the Swiss.



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Nejproduktivnější štáb: EYOWF zpravodajství!!!! :-)

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