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Kati mesmerised Liberec
Monday February 14 2011 09:36 PM
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The American media labelled her "the most beautiful face of socialism", the late leader of the former German Democratic Republic called her "the prettiest niece of Karl Marx". Even today, at the age 45, the double Olympic champion in Figure Skating, Katarina Witt is a remarkable woman. She looks at least ten years younger. On Sunday just before 15:00 she arrived in Liberec, the location of EYOWF 2011. She came from Berlin in her BMW and was accommodated in the Hotel Zlatý Lev. She is the head of Munich’s candidature for the Winter Olympic Games in 2018, and has been lobbying for Munich in Liberec.

It was as if a Hollywood star had arrived. "Please, no photos after the long journey here in the car," she asked the COOL News photographer and turned her back so that he could not catch her face without make-up and before tidying herself up. "I will freshen up in my room and be available in ten minutes," said the gorgeously slim Witt in a pretty fur coat and a becoming scarf. She then disappeared into her apartment.
In fifteen minutes she keeps her promise and returns. She readily puts her signature in the little autograph books her fans present to her and even poses with them for pictures. She has put on her make-up and looks beautiful. It should be said that we last met 23 years ago, in 1988 in Prague, where she gave an interview after winning a gold medal. She recalls: "That was the European Championship, wasn't it? My last one. I have some good memories of the event. But this is my first time ever in Liberec. I am hoping to have a good look around."

Katarina says she does not know which sports she is going to watch, but it is clear she will have a look at the Figure Skating in the Svijanská Arena. "Figure skating today and in my era? Look, I cannot compare the incomparable. Every period has its features," Witt refuses to make any deeper analysis that would be discussed in the media. However, she likes the idea of EYOWF. "It is a great opportunity for young athletes to take the first major step in their career. We are going to see future European champions, World champions, maybe Olympic winners." Katarina conjured up her irresistible smile and one of the doormen in the Zlatý Lev shakes his head in amazement: "This lady is 45?  I don't believe you!"

13 years ago, in 1998, when Witt was 32 years of age and undressed for Playboy for one hundred thousand dollars, the edition quickly sold out in most countries. Only one woman has achieved this before - Marilyn Monroe. Ten years previously, at the 1988 Winter Olympic Games in Calgary, the beautiful Katarina from East-Germany was sought after by the legendary lady killer, the downhill skier Alberto Tomba. Despite her beauty, Witt has no permanent partner so far. In October 2005, she published a book called Only With Passion. "I don't want men whose life would revolve around me," admits Witt in her book. "Perhaps I am too independent, I need a lot of freedom. And I hate breaking-up," said Witt. Her biographers recorded eight serious splits.

Today Katarina concentrates totally on the Winter Olympics of 2018. As an "agent in the name of Munich", she visited the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore last year, now it is EYOWF 2011 in Liberec. She does the best she can to celebrate another victory in the vote on 6th June in Durban: that Munich becomes the host of the Winter Olympic Games. It would be the first city in history to hold both the Summer (1972) and Winter (2018) Olympic Games.


Katarina Witt
Born 3rd December 1965 in Staaken.
Best results: twice Olympic champion in Figure Skating (1984 and 1988), four-time World champion (1984, 1985, 1987, 1988), six-time European champion (1983 until 1988).
Acting career: she played in the Hollywood film Jerry McGuire (with Tom Cruise) and Ronin (with Robert de Niro). She made her debut in the Berlin Dome in a play called Jedermann, where she played a lover of the main character.
Other activities: she had her own show on the television channel Pro Sieben, ran a marketing company, designed jewellery, and advertised nordic walking all over the world.


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