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Interview with Eli Plut
Monday February 14 2011 08:29 PM
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Eli, you are an Olympic winner! What does it mean to you? It is obviously a great success and I value it a lot but it is only the next step to be a good skier as an adult and to gain success in World Cup.

How was the ride? Are you satisfied with your result?
The first round was good, I made a few mistakes in the second round but all in all I’m very satisfied with my result.

How did you like today’s track and the conditions here below Ještěď?
The track was well built. It was fluent Giant slalom, I had to change the rhythm at some times and keep my concentration till the finish. The slope was already a bit bumpy in the second round, so it was more difficult. All in all it was a nice Giant slalom.

Did you believe before the competition that you would win?
Sincerely, yes, I did. I went to the competition with my mind set on winning and I’m very happy I made it.

What does this victory mean for your future career?
I’m happy I won, but all the same it is still a Youth Olympics. I wish to be successful even in the adult category. But of course I am really happy for this victory.

Who is your favourite world skier?
It is definitely Jean-Baptiste Grange. His style is amazing. I would like to be as successful as him one day.

How did you get to skiing?
My first steps on skis were when I was three years old, my brothers took me skiing and I was impressed. Later on I started skiing in a club and I’ve been skiing for 9 years now.

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