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Swiss cross cast from bronze
Thursday February 17 2011 10:55 PM
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Czech hockey, which has been left empty-handed twice since its medal triumph at EYOWF 2005 in Monthey, hungered for the bronze. The front-runners were the Swiss, who since then had been winning medals, and on Wednesday in the semi-final even gave the Russians a hard time.

They stormed into the match in the Tipsport Arena dressed in red like genuine devils on skates. In the 5th minute Schmutz narrowly dodged past the hesitant defender, Plášil and overcame the goalie, Klimeš from a close distance. During the power play in the 9th minute they entirely destroyed the local defence with Zangger’s shot foreshadowing who would rule the ice.

However, the wild shootout continued. Machač sparked Czech hopes with his goal in the 10th minute, but the opponents  put everything into the counterattack. As the Czech hockey international, David Volek, a former player for Sparta and the New York Islanders, said: "The Swiss are better in all areas, they have better movement, deployment and are much stronger. I would say that they are a better team than the Finns, who proceeded to the finals. "

The major problem was the quality of the Czech defence. Defenders often made mistakes when being dangerously attacked by the opponents, they failed to block their difficult opponents and did not provide sufficient help to their teammates in the face-off. In the second period, although the home team increased their workrate and Volek jr., together with Simon almost scored, they did not complete the attempt successfully.  On the contrary - their rivals punished them all over the ice. Thanks to Dünner in the 36th minute and Müller in the 39th minute the score changed to 1:5 in the powerplay. 

Despite all the Czech efforts, the last third changed nothing about the well-earned win of the Swiss players. The other winner of the duel was the fabulous audience, who went on cheering frantically despite the adverse score.


re: Helvétský kříž ulitý z bronzu

2/18/2011 4:03:47 PM Pitr

 To jóó. Škoda -

-co se týče těch maníků dole xD  -doknalý KOTEL!!! -sou to borci .

Podme dáááme goooool daaame goool daame goooOOOoool! ;] byly jste fajn

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