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City of Kořenov - Rejdice

(local part Rejdice)
Population: 1,029 (as of 1st January 2009)
Area: 5,586 ha
Elevation: 725 m
Average Age: 39.9 years of age
Distances: Jablonec nad Nisou – 21.6 km, Liberec – 32 km
EYOWF 2011 Venue: Snowboarding Venue Rejdice
Website: www.korenov.cz

Kořenov is a mountain village on the border of the Jizera Mountains and the Krkonoše Mountains. It lies between Harrachov and Desná. A major part of the village lies in the Protected Landscape Area of the Jizera Mountains. The village of Kořenov was established in 1960 by the linking of the villages Polubný, Příchovice (with the village Rejdice) and Jizerka.

The oldest part of Kořenov is Rejdice, which was established as early as 1577, when the first written records mention the glassworks in Rejdice. Up until 1848, it was part of the Semily domain. The village had a distillery and a brewery.

In recent years, Rejdice has achieved renown as one of the most sought--after Czech snowboard centres. There is a snowboard cross track, half--pipe, big-air and other jumps at the venue.

Another frequently visited place in Kořenov is the Railway Museum, which houses railway exhibits, photographs, charts and parts of a cog railway. Also worth seeing are the Neo-Gothic lookout Štěpánka, the Evangelical chapel in Tesařov or the Church of John the Baptist in Polubné.



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