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Do you put on make-up before the race?
Wednesday February 16 2011 11:41 AM
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Races without make-up, athletes of the gentle sex agree. Reading the survey below.

Jennifer Schmid, Christine Holzer, Austria, Snowboarding
"We only put on make-up for the Ceremonies. We only use cream before races. We perspire during races. If we had our make-up on, it would smudge. We would look like clowns."

Spela Molk, Slovenia, Cross Country Skiing
"I do not use make-up at all. Perhaps when I go to a party. There are more important things during races. For example not to be hungry."

Marzena Maciulewicz, Dominika Hulawy, Angelika Ciesielska, Poland, Cross Country Skiing
"We are always stressed before races. There is no time for lipsticks and mascaras. Even if we did want to put something on, it would not be possible as our hands are shaking."

Laura Dahlmeier, Franziska Preuß, Germany, Biathlon
"We never put on any make-up. It is not important to look nice. We only make our face up for parties. We would like to look nice during Medal Ceremonies at the Olympics."

Ilaria Baritussio, Eugenia Mozzi, Anna Savin, Italy, Biathlon
"No. Definitely not. It is not important to be beautiful during races, there are many other things going on. But for the Medal Ceremonies or extra events we put on some make-up, we want to look good. Before the race it is necessary to put some good cream on our faces, though."


re: Do you put on make-up before the race?

2/18/2011 10:27:18 AM Jenn

Hmmm... maybe when you get to World Cup makeup will be ore important... Lindsey Vonn and Maria Riesch always have their makeup on, and they look 100% better giving interviews after the race than the other girls!  Just becaus you are an athlete doesn't mean you have to stop being a girl.

re: Anketa: Líčíte se před závodem?

2/17/2011 2:03:44 PM Jana

A co mladé krasobruslařky? Těch jste se nezeptali :-)

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