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Thanks! It was fabulous!
Friday February 18 2011 10:20 PM
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My dear mates, It’ll take a long time for these lines to dry out under the weight of emotions and my crystal tears but I’ve got to get down to it. Even the most beautiful stories and events come to an end, they claimed when saying bye-bye to just about all of Europe in the packed Tipsport Arena...and even though it’s true, I trust we’re all taking dope memories back with us!

The whole evening opened with the awarding of medals to those who fought yesterday with their last strength. I hope you didn’t think we’d forget about them. Hell no! This one is a stunner – the Slovenian Alpine skier Miha Hrobat owned up to having dodged a gate, thus eliminating himself from the race. He got a fair play award for it. Very cool, what a hero! Bravo, Miha! Oh well, here goes a countdown...unfortunately...the Closing Ceremony is officially on. Just like a week ago, the representatives of all participating countries are entering the rink, but this time only with the flag bearers. Their friends in the galleries give them a roaring cheer.

The Czech flag bearer enters last. Who could it be? Right on, the gold hero of the ice rink, figure skater Petr Coufal. Poor guy, he’s struggling with the flag, but looking good! He is given a huge applaud. I might catch up with him later and offer him a deal of a lifetime. I’ll show him how to carry a pole and he’ll teach me some spins. When trying them out on my own, my head usually throws me off balance. I wouldn’t get many points for that.The Arena thunders...and here we go – I’m drying my tears (I’ve got to, otherwise they would freeze in).

And here comes our Roman Kumpošt and thanks everybody (including me, of course). 'Cause there's lot to thank for. The Festival was superb, everyone is happy and full of joy.  And another round of thank you's, this time its Patrick Hickey's turn, a major guest. The Olympic anthem is played and lovely girls take the Olympic flag town, the Olympic Flame goes out. What a moment! When the girls leave the floor with the flag, the whole Arena is standing and applauding. This can not be rehearsed. It's great to see the youngsters so spontaneous. Sorry, I cry again, just like a baby (not that I am so small:-) And when's the next EYOWF? We already know, in Romania, in Brasov in 2013 - the Romania sector in the stand makes itself heard when their representative receives the flag, So let's go, Brasov!:-)

And now the moment I have been waiting for all the week. I am standing of the floor, me and my two clones to be precise, cool dance music starts and everybody joins me to dance like crazy. Oh yes, young blood, all fun and games, isn't it? And they do deserve it. I can tell you, I've never seen the stands emptied so fast. Everyone is on the dance floor and frolics. It's not the same as in the beginning, the groups of different countries mingle, and that's the way I like it. I see it with my own crying eyes that apart from the sporting experience, they take home new friendships. There could not be a better ending to the whole affair. The big party starts and EYOWF 2011 is officially history.

It was so great with each and every one of you!
Yours, (melted with emotions) Rampich the Icicle



re: Díky! Bylo to krásné!

2/20/2011 2:17:58 PM Helena

 Vše jednou končí.  Bylo to bezva. Věřím, že se zase na nějaké akci sejdem.


2/20/2011 12:16:22 AM Kubajz

Díky EYOWFu, sem poznal jak funguje pořádná organizace, která byla super, super lidi a vubec cely festival. Venku sice mrzlo docela dost ale stálo to za to! Věřím, že se znova nekdy uvidíme,  klidně bych si dal repete jako dobrovolník.


re: Díky! Bylo to krásné!

2/19/2011 7:53:34 PM Adélice

taky děkuji...poznala jsem super lidi a ještě jsem se něco přiučila a těch zážitků....prostě nemám slov...díky a dala bych si to všechno znova!!:)

re: Díky! Bylo to krásné!

2/19/2011 3:54:24 PM Lenka

Vlajkonošem Rakouska byl Phillipp Orter...Vítěz v týmech sdruženářů 

re: Díky! Bylo to krásné!

2/19/2011 1:42:02 PM Klára

 Zdravím, chtěla bych o něco poprosit. Nevíte prosím kdo byl vlajkonošem Austrie - Rakouska? Zapoměla jsem na jméno. Děkuju moc. Jinak organizace a celý týden byl skvělí! Děkuju všem.

re: Díky! Bylo to krásné!

2/19/2011 1:41:32 PM Klára

 Zdravím, chtěla bych o něco poprosit. Nevíte prosím kdo byl vlajkonošem Austrie - Rakouska? Zapoměla jsem na jméno. Děkuju moc. Jinak organizace a celý týden byl skvělí! Děkuju všem.

re: Díky! Bylo to krásné!

2/19/2011 10:44:58 AM jirkaliberec

Jo, bylo to skvělý. Zůstanou jen vzpomínky. Nejvíce duch olympijského ohně byl znát na závěrečné diskotéce. Důležité je poděkovat práci týmáků, bez nichž by organizace olympiády uvázla.

re: Díky! Bylo to krásné!

2/19/2011 9:47:23 AM Jana

Bylo to nejvíc super! Též moc děkuju! :)

re: Díky! Bylo to krásné!

2/18/2011 11:00:09 PM Ruda

re: Díky! Bylo to krásné!

2/18/2011 10:58:59 PM Ruda

Děkuji za nádherně prožitý týden. Bohužel chodím do práce, a tak jsem nemohl sledovat dopolední závody. Přesto ale hned po pracovní době jsem jel každý den do Liberce fandit.

Tak zase někdy příště. Bude-li možnost, tak třeba i jako dobrovolník.

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