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Speed frightens me, I prefer singing
Sunday February 13 2011 12:41 PM
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At present, Ewa Farna is one of the best and most popular Czech singers. Although hardly anyone knows that just a few years ago she was singing while skiing between gate poles. She has since stopped skiing professionally but remained a loyal fan of many other winter sports.

The sport I follow most is Ski Jumping; I like the Polish athlete Adam Malysz. Naturally I also root for Alpine Skiing, where my favourite is Šárka Záhrobská. I also enjoy Snowboarding and have always loved Skating. For example, I greatly admire Figure Skating, which is beautiful and I would love to give it a try.

What was your skiing career like?
For about four seasons I did the Alpine Skiing disciplines, thanks to which I have strong legs. I competed for the Moravian-Silesian region and twice I took part in the national championships. I did the Giant slalom, slalom, sometimes even the Super G but I was no good at it. I felt quite scared and did not enjoy the adrenaline that much.

Which discipline did you like best?
My favourite was slalom. It is not that fast and technique plays a major role. Sometimes I regret that my slalom days are over. My brother skies as well but has had a few injuries, which put me off a bit too. However, anything can happen in singing too. Although I sing even when ill, it is not so risky. In terms of discipline, competitiveness, preparation and responsibility, racing has given me a lot and it comes in handy even when singing.

Why did a promising skier turn into a successful singer?
My family has a very active approach to music and sports. I have been singing all my life. At one singing contest I was offered a contract, which triggered my career. All of a sudden I could see myself on hit parades and I had a CD released. Another thing is that I can get up much later than when I was skiing. That suits me as I am quite lazy. I used to have to get up at five in the morning to be up on the slope at six; I skied until nine and then went straight to school.

That must have been really tough for a young girl...
Yes, it was quite hectic. I could not take it physically now. In addition, I was more of an average skier; I was not particularly good. One day I climbed the slope, looked down the run, told myself: “No way!”, and broke down in tears. I finished somewhere in the bottom half of the field but I had a good feeling because I had started and finished the race, unlike some others. But I did not see my future in skiing. However, it is true that I would sing to myself when skiing down the slopes. 

Which of the eight sports disciplines of the EYOWF 2011 programme would you venture to do?
To race I would definitely go for the skis, on which I feel most at home. For fun I would choose Snowboarding, and to watch it would have to be Ice Hockey. Being from Třinec, I went to hockey matches a few times when I was little. The local atmosphere is breathtaking; I would start cheering straight away. I am not sure if I will manage to participate in EYOWF 2011 as a spectator but I wish the athletes all the best. You are awesome; I admire you, cheer for you and think of you.

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