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Technical delegates inspecting the venues
Friday November 19 2010 01:32 PM
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All seven venues of the European youth Olympic (EYOWF) 2011 left generally positive impressions on the technical delegates who visited the organisers of the Festival and inspected the venues from 17th to 18th November. Delegates will supervise the smooth and appropriate course of the competitions and for many of them this two-day visit was the first opportunity to personally walk through the venues.

Ivo Gréger, EYOWF 2011 Sport Director, commented on the visit: "They all responded positively. The technical delegates were satisfied with the state of preparations and in their view we have the high-quality venues they had expected from us. Almost three months before the Festival starts, we only have to fine-tune small details."

Each international sport federation nominated nine delegates for the Festival in the Liberec Region. Alpine Skiing will be supervised by Primoz Poschl from Slovenia and Jarl Forsmark from Sweden, the delegate for the Biathlon is Ubaldo Prucker from Italy and for Cross Country Skiing Stefania Kielpinska from Poland. The Nordic Combined will be overseen by Marek Tucznio from Poland, Ski Jumping by Ryszard Gunka from Poland and Snowboarding by Martin Hrbáň from Slovakia. There are also two Czech nominations: Martin Urban, Secretary General of the Czech Ice Hockey Federation, for Ice Hockey and Věra Tauchmanová, President of the Czech Figure Skating Union, for Figure Skating.

Most of the nominees are expert technical delegates who have wide experience from important sporting events, such as World Cup races or previous years of EYOWF Festivals. "It is a great opportunity for the Organising Committee to work with these people on this year's event. For this reason, we are very glad that the two-day visit met with a positive response," Ivo Gréger added.


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