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A protest gets a medal
Friday February 18 2011 02:22 PM
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The mixed teams parallel giant slalom brought joy to the Swedish athletes, who won gold medals. They beat the Swiss in the finals, while the bronze was taken by the Italians. The Czech team did not get past the 1/8 finals.

“I did not expect to win two medals at all, it is fantastic, I am having an awesome time in Liberec,” the jubilant Swede, Charlotta Saefvenberg said after the race, as she was wildly rejoicing with her teammates.

The silver Swiss team had a hard time overcoming the Slovak squad before they advanced to the finals. Prior to the last duel, their opponent was leading 2:1, but then Slovak, Roman Murín went off the piste, crossing the course onto Bellwald’s track, upon which the representatives of the land of banks and chocolate filed a protest. The competition organisers ordered the heat between Murín and Bellwald to be repeated. The Swiss won, levelling the score at 2:2. Thanks to a better qualification time the team from the land of the Swiss cross made it to the grand final. “It is a huge disappointment. I might not get over it at all,” said the clearly desolate Martin Chorowicki, head of the Slovak snowboarders. In the race against Italy for bronze, his protégés lost 1:3.

As one of the last EYOWF 2011 events, the race held below the Ještěd peak was watched by hundreds of people, often entire national teams. The spectators included former Czech representative, Lucie Hrstková - Pešánová, who won, together with Šárka Záhrobská, Ondřej Bank, and Kryštof Krýzl, a sensational gold at the team finals in the World Cup in Ga-Pa last year.

Lisa Blomquist, Felix Monsen (SWE) – 1st place national team event:

How was the ride for you?
L: It was amazing. The race was brilliant.

Were you nervous before the start?
L: I was so nervous that I stopped being nervous from that. I knew I had to get the best girls’ time with a big difference. The blue course was a bit faster so I got that one.
F: I already knew we had won so it was kind of hard to get in the mood of  trying to win.

How would you describe the team spirit?

F: It’s great. I think we have a nice relationship.
L: Sweden is the best team ever, we have the best team spirit.

How are you going to celebrate tonight?

L: Our bus to Prague leaves at three at night so I think we’ll party.
F: We’ll be staying up until then I guess.


Dominika Drozdíková (CZE):

How was your race?
It was really great. The track is OK and well prepared.

Are you satisfied with the result?

Yes, I am. It could be better, but this result is not too bad.

How do you get on as a team?

We all get on well together. We have got a good team spirit and we support each other.


Daniel Paulus (CZE):

How are you satisfied with the today race?
I am not very satisfied. My rides could be better. Specially the second one wasn’t good.

What do you mean about outcome of your team? How was your partnership?
The team cooperation was definitely great. We supported each other on the start. But unfortunatelly we didn’t succeed.

Who is your favourite skier?

I admire the Czech skier Ondra Bank.

Which competition awaits you now?

I will go to competition in Beskydy soon. I am going to start in slalom and giant slalom.



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