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Successful Audit and Certificate

In May 2009, the EYOWF 2011 Public Benefit Corporation passed an audit and certificate procedures as a subject fully complying with the requirements and norms of environmental system management ISO 14001:2004. This general norm concerns aspects of environment protection which the organisation is capable of affecting.

To deal with the environmental protection, an Environmental Committee was established to help in environmental issues – ranging from the preparation stages, the course of the Festival until the very end of the event. All participants will also receive information materials about environmental protection.

The organisers of this event pay attention to present EYOWF 2011 as a project with the minimum effect in the environment.

Click here for ISO certificate view.

For the first time ever, the 10th European Youth Olympic Winter Festival (EYOWF) 20011 takes place in the Czech Republic. The hilly landscape and climate of the Liberec Region make it perfectly suitable for practising winter sports. Numerous ski resorts and names of the excellent athletes who grew up in the region are the proofs the region’s prominence.

The organisers of the Youth Olympic Festival have the aim to prepare a modern competition, which will not only be remembered for its perfect organisation and fabulous sport performances, but also for its positive attitude to environmental protection.

All Venues Ready

In this respect, the preparatory work started already in 2009. For all the venues, where the competitions will take place, projects were carried out to minimise the effects of these activities on the environment. The projects predominantly deal with water, air, soil and human health protection. Emphasis was put on waste management, noise pollution and transportation.

By preventing waste production and putting emphasis on recycling, we are reducing the negative effect on the environment. Ecological waste management has been a natural interest for organisers of sporting events. There are special containers for waste sorting distributed over the venues so that participants of EYOWF 2011 have the chance to sort paper, plastic and glass. In the team areas, there are containers for dangerous waste produced chiefly during ski preparation. High-capacity containers are placed outside the venues or in technical zones to enable continuous disposal regardless of the sporting programme.

Common Enemy: Noise

During competitions, noise is not only created by the performance itself, but organisers have to be aware of the noise intensity produced by sound equipment, spectators and other sources connected with the competition. It the responsibility of all participants – athletes, their teams, organisers and officials, to keep the inevitable noise level to the minimum.

The Transportation Department optimised the transport of Festival participants in order to minimise the effects on the environment and produce as little noise and CO2 as possible.


KEEP OUR ENVIRONMENT CLEAN or Recommendations for visitors

  • Park in designated areas only, do not enter unpaved roads.
  • Respect access marks, fences and other bounds.
  • Follow the Organisers’ directives, stay in the visitors’ areas only.
  • Keep public toilets clean.
  • Do not litter.
  • Do not set up fire.
  • Keep your dogs on a lead and tidy up after your four-legged friends.


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Weather service


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