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Křížová wishes medals, good experiences and new friends to everyone at EYOWF
Sunday February 13 2011 01:48 PM

Olga Charvátová-Křížová won the first medal in Alpine Skiing at the Winter Olympic Games, at that time for the former Czechoslovakia, in 1984. She won bronze in Sarajevo. Today she runs a Sport Academy in Špindlerův Mlýn that educates young skiers and snowboarders.

How has Alpine Skiing changed since 1984, when you won the bronze medal in Sarajevo at the Winter Olympic Games?
It is more than quarter of a century ago, so it is clear that skiing has undergone significant changes. A completely different type of ski construction is used today, which requires a different skiing technique and puts more emphasis on the physical fitness of athletes. Due to new machines the treatment of the slope surfaces is much better but often harder as well. Today, most races are carried out on technical snow, which we only knew from America.
The construction of the courses has also changed today in every discipline because of the new materials the skis are made from. 

Which countries are the strongest in Alpine Skiing?
The situation is still the same. There are the Alpine countries - Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, and Germany. The USA and Canada are also strong and there has been a massive improvement in performances from Sweden and Norway. Other countries can only boast a few individuals.

Are the children and young people interested in Alpine Skiing in the Czech Republic?
We have a lot of good young skiers but we do not support young athletes over fifteen years of age. There is not enough money for the national teams.

What are the benefits of competitions like EYOWF 2011 in your opinion?
It is the first opportunity for young prospective athletes to represent their country and a great motivation for youths who no longer belong among children and are gradually joining the adults.

What would you consider a success in Alpine Skiing for the Czechs at EYOWF?
Anything better than 10th place. I think Kateřina Kotrlová is our greatest hope.

What would you wish for the athletes taking part in EYOWF?
Medals of course, but if this does not work out, at least a lot of good memories and friends from all over Europe.


A historical medal review at EYOWF in Alpine Skiing:

The table shows the total medals won in Alpine Skiing from all previous EYOWF events - boys:

  Country Number of Medals
gold - silver - bronze
1. Italy 7 – 5 - 3
2. Switzerland 4 – 6 - 2
3. Norway 4 – 2 - 4
3. France 2 – 4 - 4


The table shows the total medals won in Alpine Skiing from all previous EYOWF events - girls:

  Country Number of Medals
gold - silver - bronze
1. Austria 3 – 8 - 6
2. Sweden 4 – 3 - 4
2. Italy 2 – 7 - 2
3. France 4 – 3 - 3



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