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Jump record broken
Tuesday February 15 2011 09:04 PM
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EYOWF 2011 has its Ski Jumping winner on the K-90 ski jumping hill. It is the Finnish jumper Jarkko Maatta, 16, who jumped in both rounds more than a hundred metres. Another hero of the evening on Ještěd was the Norwegian youth, Mats Sohagen Berggaard, who broke the record of the Liberec ski jumping hill when landing as far as the 114 m mark in an official practice round.

The Finnish winner, whose sports model is Simon Ammann, jumped in both rounds more than a hundred metres, a distance no one else could match. In the first round Matta jumped 107 metres and in the second 103 metres, winning by nearly thirty points.

The Finn took the lead after the first round and had to validate his position. Prior to the final jump an adverse wind began blowing and so Matta was forced to wait a while at the ski jumping hill. “It was quite difficult but in the end I jumped really well,” Jarkko Maata was relieved immediately after the landing. “Eventually it turned into an easy victory. I feel fabulous.”

Maata belongs among the greatest talents of Finnish jumpers. He began Ski Jumping when he was six, but for some time he also played Ice Hockey. Winning gold in Liberec is like a small miracle. "I would like to start at the Olympics in Sochi," he added.

Silver from Ještěd goes to Austria thanks to Ulrich Wohlgenannt and the bronze medal was won by a new record-holder Mats Sohagen Bergaard. This fifteen-year old young man was the last to jump in the practice round, which preceded the race, and landed on the incredible 114 metres mark.

Unfortunately, he was not able to repeat this flight in the race. What did help was the fact that he produced two similar jumps, which in both cases attracted the 100-metre line. "The jump from the practice round was unique, I wasn't able to repeat myself. It is not a shame, third spot is great," said the new Ještěd record-holder.

The Czech athletes were unsuccessful; the best one, Tomáš Friedrich fell from 18th to 20th position after the second round. "I am satisfied. I had two similar jumps but the wind in the second jump was not in my favour," explained Friedrich. 

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