12. - 19. 2. 2011

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The final memorial video from European Youth Olympic Winter Festival 2011 in Liberec is here. Enjoy it!

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The European Youth Olympic Festival is over and the organisers have to evaluate the whole event. We now offer you some of the funny moments and interesting facts from behind the scenes.

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We have chosen this information from the starting line-ups and results, from note books and from what was seen at the venues:

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Dozens of meetings, travelling to venues, hundreds of handshakes, thousands of sentences. This was the daily routine over the past week of the President of the Organising Committee, Roman Kumpošt. Despite increasing tiredness, he has been overseeing the organising team and has been sensitive to the reactions of spectators and participants.

Throughout the entire Festival, the EYOWF Volunteer Team, who participated in organising the European Youth Olympic Winter Festival 2011, was continuously showered with praise from all sides. The five hundred-strong team did an excellent job, largely contributing to the success of the Festival. “We formed a great group, where the youngest members were fifteen and the oldest - Vladimír Velem, the attaché of the German team was ninety!”, says Vanda Šulcová, Volunteers Coordinator.

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Did you enjoy the EYOWF 2011 in the Liberec Region?