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Cross Country 7,5 km, Girls: Medals from Vesec go North
Monday February 14 2011 01:47 PM
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Jacques Rogge’s visit to the venue preceded the start of the first race in the white tracks: the 7.5 km Girls. The atmosphere was getting tense and the heart rates of all 74 athletes were rising. After days of inclement weather, the organisers had the pleasant duty of preparing the tracks in the fresh snow with the help of local skiers from Dukla Liberec.

Shortly after ten o’clock the race began. The Swiss, Julia Philipon led the field and right behind her were the most likely medal winners.

After the first few kilometres of the race it was clear that the best Russian skier would not steal the show. Lilija Vasileva finished 8th, more than 8 minutes behind the leader.

The race was absolutely dominated by athletes from the Scandinavian countries, who took all three places on the rostrum. After a long 12 years, Sweden finally won their gold medal in Cross Country Skiing. The unfortunate record was broken by Sofia Henriksson wearing number 25, who crossed the finishing line in the winning time of 24 minutes and 29.7 seconds. The Swede was followed by a Norwegian couple; second placed Krokan Thea Murud, who was 27.4 seconds behind the winner and Losgard Hilde Landheim who captured the bronze 33.2 seconds later.

Interview with Sofia Henriksson
(1st place, Individual – classic, 7,5 km, SWE)
What are your feelings immediately after the race?
I was surprised about winning this race and I hope for some other medals this week. I will also compete in sprint tomorrow, so we will see.

Interview with Thea Krokan Murud
(2nd place,  Individual – classic, 7.5 km, NOR)
How did you find the race conditions? The weather, the track, etc.
The weather is fine, but I didn't like the trail. The snow was wet.
What is your greatest sporting achievement?
This race I suppose. It is a great success for me to place second in this European race.
And how do you like Liberec?
I think it is a nice town.


Interview with Hilde Losgard Landheim
(3rd place, Individual – classic, 7,5 km, NOR)
What are your feelings immediately after the race?
Actually, I am very tired but I liked the race. I think it was a good race and I am very happy about the third place.
What would you say about the track?
The track was really hard for me.
Were you afraid of the other competitors?
Yes, I was. Especially of the girls from Sweden and other girls from Norwegian team.



Name Country Time
1. Henriksson Sofia SWE 24:29.7
2. Murud Thea Krokan NOR
3. Landheim Hilde Losgard NOR 25:02.9
4. Stadlober Teresa AUT 25:07.5
5. Kemppainen Saana FIN 25:15.5
6. Nováková Petra CZE 25.18.0


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I'm so proud of Sofia!! Go girl!!

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