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Medical Services

The main task of the Medical Department is to secure basic medical service, first aid, assistance at examinations, organisation of potential treatment, helping medical teams and assistance at the Anti-Doping procedures.

Overview of medical services in Venues

Biathlon - Břízky Venue – Jablonec nad Nisou

• doctor, nurse, transport on snowmobile and sledge, First-aid station

Snowboarding - Rejdice Venue
• ambulance, doctor, nurse, two Mountain Rescue guards

Cross Country, Nordic Combined - Vesec Venue - Liberec

• doctor, nurse, transport on snowmobile and sledge, First-aid station

Ski Jumping, Nordic Combined - Ještěd Venue - Liberec
• ambulance, doctor, nurse, Mountain Rescue

Alpine Skiing - Ještěd Venue - Liberec
• ambulance, two doctors on skis, nurse, Mountain Rescue

Figure Skating - Svijanská aréna – Liberec
• nurse, First-aid station

Ice Hockey - Tipsport arena - Liberec
• ambulance, doctor, two nurses, First-aid station

Olympic Village - Liberec
• First-aid station (doctor, nurse) in the OLV - block “D” (ground floor), open from 8:00 to 22:00
• ambulance on demand, arrival within 5 minutes
• special quarantine rooms for ill athletes with a special procedure in the OLV
• rooms for the physiotherapist/doctor of the NOC delegation will be enlarged with rooms for massage / treatment with a specific towel and linen exchange policy

Opening and Closing Ceremony, Liberec

• ambulance, doctor, nurse, First-aid station

In case of emergency, an ambulance will arrive within 10 minutes to any place in Liberec, Jablonec nad Nisou or Tanvald. An air ambulance is at the ready, landing areas are in all venues. All medical treatment is provided in the Regional Hospital in Liberec (in the town centre) and the local First-aid station. The hospital is fully equipped, authorised for all medical procedures and complies with the highest standards and EU regulations. Organising Committee also provides a contracted dentist.

Hospital Liberec: +420 485 311 111
Hospital Jablonec n. Nisou: +420 483 345 108
National First-aid number: 155
International emergency number: 112


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